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Healing Table: Community Building Inspiration

June 15th we held our first Healing Table!

The Healing Table is a dinner party focused on healing historic racial trauma in the rural communities of Texas and beyond. It presents an opportunity to create safe and supportive space for individuals and communities to come together, learn, and engage in conversations and activities aimed at addressing and healing the wounds caused by racial discrimination and inequities. This event was designed by Krystal Grimes, Founder and Chief Strategist for AMMA Services to promote healing, understanding, and unity in the face of these types of traumas and their effects.

Going into our second community table on September 28th, we are honored to partner with Storehouse Market & Eatery, Still Austin and the Central Texas Health and Wellbeing Network! This opportunity will be a Community Cocktail Hour, designed with equity and community building in mind.

Please check out this article by Amber Bartek with PaperCity, describing how a visit to The Healing Table inspired a sister city to highlight the importance of community building and the change that comes from breaking bread with others. ARTICLE HERE

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