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AMMA Empowerment Services, LLC

An equity-focused institution grounded in the healing, preservation and empowerment of BIPOC communities. AMMA offers movement towards equitable partnerships, advocacy and coaching, designed to meet individual, group or organizational needs related to the social and political determinants of mental health. While the most critical portion of our work involves an emphasis on the client-coach relationship, it is a highly creative process that allows for change through a variety of strategies.


 Through training opportunities, mental health support, leveraging of local resources and social convenings , we have the following mission and vision.


To create inclusion and equity through authentic and courageous engagement



We envision a society that empowers individuals, communities and organizations to address systemic inequities for a thriving world



  • Awareness

  • Trust Building

  • Listening

  • Inclusive Partnering

  • Community Support

Krystal Grimes


Krystal "Amma" Grimes is the Founder and Chief Strategist of AMMA Empowerment Services, LLC. Krystal is recognized internationally as a dedicated and empathic mental health strategist and resilience expert through her community transformation work.


She is a visionary mental health strategist working diligently in rural communities. With unwavering dedication, she  bridges the gap, paving the way for social capital and holistic well-being through connection. Her efforts shatter the chains of isolation and stigma, fostering a safe space where minds flourish and hearts connect. Through strategic interventions and community-driven initiatives, she supports  individuals to reclaim their narratives, unlock their hidden strengths, and rebuild the social fabric that was once torn. Together with community, forging a path toward healing, fostering a community's collective resilience and unleashing a wave of transformative change that ripples far beyond the boundaries of rural landscapes. Join forces with this compassionate champion and witness the power of mental health equity as it ignites a revolution of hope and inclusivity, rewriting the story of historically excluded communities, one resilient spirit at a time.

Krystal is the curator and host of the healing Table, Healing History Community Conversation Series and the Healing History: The Listening Tour, a podcast dedicated to highlighting historical trauma and resilience throughout her community. As a community leader, Krystal has been responsible for creating and facilitating numerous training opportunities and events specifically curated to improve mental health and social connections. As she continues to serve as a local change-maker, she has also presented at national conferences, been featured in local new publications and continues to be a vital source of healing and innovation.

Krystal is most proud to be the mother of two young men. Her children provide the motivation needed to realize her vision of a thriving and equitable world.

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Inspiration behind AMMA
Inspiration Behind AMMA
November 14, 2015, I had the divine pleasure of witnessing the musical talents of my father Hannibal Lokumbe, as his composing skills were displayed for the world to hear through the world-renowned, Philadelphia Orchestra. As they performed his piece, One Land, One River, One People, I was immediately drawn to his reference of “Amma”. As the creator or the giver of life, Amma (Mother) was responsible for guiding humans (Nommo) throughout their journys towards divinity. The spirit and passion felt throughout this performance was life altering. In the days following the show, my father revealed to me that in his heart, I am also a representation of Amma. Through the many instrumental mother’s of his life (mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother), my dad has a respect for motherhood like no other. As the mother of his only two grand-children, I whole-heartedly felt and understood the respect and honor that my father has for me, as a woman and mother.

During that time, I juggled many roles as mother, wife, daughter, student, mentor, and full-time employee. Many moments, I often felt unheard or unseen, but as a mother, I pressed-on. I knew that I was not alone in my constant strive to be, but hesitated to "burden" others with my common quarrels. It was only through interactions with friends, family-members, co-workers and associates that I realized the need to share my experiences. While contemplating how to share my experiences and lessons learned along the way, I thought back to Amma. For me, Amma is the ultimate symbol of motherhood, strength and courage. For we assist in the creation of life by guidimg our little-ones through their journeys. It is my goal through
AMMA, to help support others moms, children and communities through this beautifully diverse experience called LIFE
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