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Bastrop County Boys Collective!! Funding from Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

We're excited to announce that through a partnership with 3T Community outreach, we have been selected to support the mental health and social wellbeing of young boys, ages 8-14 in Bastrop County!!

An award from the The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health and their Central Texas African American Healthy Minds Project.

For our selected project, we are committed to honoring young men (With an emphasis on African American males) ages 8-14 who reside in Bastrop County and surrounding rural areas. We also welcome those referred to this initiative by partnering community members and organizations. This collective experience will be offered to the young men of Bastrop County which includes the cities of Bastrop, Elgin and Smithville.

Our Mission is to enhance social connectivity and remove societal inequities among all youth while addressing the systemic issues existing because of the high rates of poverty and injustice in communities of color.

Our Vision: The Bastrop County Boys Collective seeks to serve as a catalyst of leadership by utilizing the diverse talents and resources of our community to create environments where our children are motivated to achieve and to empower others through a deep commitment to their roles as men in waiting.

Our Objectives:

  • Creation of a framework for thriving young black men in rural communities

  • Group members will gain an enhanced understanding of mental health and the need for social connection

  • Inclusion of various community leaders to increase access to diverse experiences and mentors for group participants Participants will help to guide a storytelling project through video collection and photography

With this project, we will develop the next generation of men to become change makers, fire-starters and leaders in their communities. Men of confidence, leadership, masculinity, grace, and strength.

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