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THE HEAL ALLIANCE exists in rural Texas with alliances throughout America to build the infrastructure that catalyzes community well-being.




We envision a society that empowers individuals, communities and organizations to address systemic inequities for a thriving world.




To become vital community partner and advocate, fostering belonging, authenticity and courageous engagement in rural America.

To amplify the social capital of rural communities, we follow our HEAL Framework allows us to: 

  • Hear- We hear and bridge divides by fostering connections and understanding among diverse groups. We facilitate dialogue, encourage empathy, and facilitate collaboration, breaking down barriers and nurturing a sense of belonging and shared purpose.


  • Elevate- We amplify marginalized voices and promote social justice. By centering the experiences and perspectives of underrepresented communities, we advocate for equity and work towards dismantling systemic barriers that hinder social capital and well-being.


  • Advance- We create platforms and opportunities for collaboration, encouraging individuals, organizations, and stakeholders to come together, share knowledge, and collectively address community challenges. Through collaborative initiatives, we catalyze innovative solutions that drive sustainable impact. Additionally, We foster personal growth and development, equipping individuals with the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary for success.


  • Learn- Through storytelling we inspire and catalyze sustainable change, influencing attitudes, policies, and practices that enhance social capital. By advocating for systemic shifts and promoting evidence-based approaches, we work towards creating a more just, resilient, and interconnected society.

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